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  • I normally drive 10 mph over the speed limit
  • I never learned to parallel park so I suck at it
  • I can't drive behind log trucks. I am a paranoid person.
  • Driver's ed gave me a life long fear of the "No Zones"
  • I like to drive barefoot
  • I love driving long distances by myself
  • I always wear my seat belt for fear of going to the windshield. My imagination is highly active.
  • I think I should know how to change a tire, but I've never got around to actually learning. This worries me.
  • Sometimes I forget my wallet at home and I'm always worried that I'll get pulled over and I won't have my license.
  • I miss listening to cassettes in the car
  • As much as I love driving by myself, I also love that comfortable silence that can only come when you're driving with someone you know really really well.
  • I sing while I drive. Loudly. Sometimes I wonder if people around me think I have a bluetooth. It doesn't really worry me.
  • I think that cars should have names.
  • One time, after I filled up the car, I forgot to close the gas thing and I had to do it at a red light. It was kind of awful and scary. I felt like an idiot.
  • I started to learn when I was about 13 and a half.
  • Whenever I get into a car by myself I feel the need to check in the backseat for a killer, like in that "ghost story".
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aug 9 2009 +
user picture Katie: I always have my guy friends check in the back seat of my car :) Are you talking about the scary story with the guy in the back seat and the person driving behind the car kept flashing his brights when the guy would try to kill the girl driving? That one did it for me aug 30 2009
user picture Kaitlyn: Yes! That's the one.