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  • "The Best Night of My Life! hands down."
  • "Candy and I stole a pirate ship once, and rode it into Boston Harbor, full sail, riding on rigging. Won the race, too."
  • The KGB stalk the Silver Fox, friend to smugglers and Olympic tennis stars everywhere
    • The Silver Fox - he'll help you crush the iron curtan
  • Joe Kane and his beach boy army crash an Andy Warhol party
  • "There should be signs here, saying, 'HOME OF OLYMPIANS. COACHED BY JOE KANE.'"
  • LET ME TAKE YOU ON A TOUR OF OUR HOUSE. I'm writing a book about it. It's called, "I'm living in ~history"!
  • The Silver Fox Kills a Shark
    • Related- The Silver Fox Scubas with Sharks and He's Like 200 Feet Down (it was crazy times).
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