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  • Watching Community
  • Playing Great Gatsby the Game
  • Reading East of Eden
  • Strumming my guitar in the hopes that minor chords will inspire creative genius
  • Cleaning my room
    • over and over again
  • Making tea
  • Eating nutella
  • Watching old vlogbrothers videos
  • Listening to Friday by Rebecca Black
    • So bad you can't stop listening?
    • Self inflicted punishment for not working?
mar 13 2011 ∞
mar 13 2011 +
user picture Erin: how old is Rebecca Black? she doesn't seem to exist on the internet except for her atrociously awful video. mar 13 2011
user picture Kaitlyn: No idea. All I know about her is that she isn't sure which seat she should take.
user picture Erin: Don't forget that she knows the order of the days of the week!