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  • Me- "What's your name?"
    • Fred - "FRED FLINSTONE!"
  • Fred- "How many days have you been alive? NINE THOUSAND."
  • Fred- "I haven't had an orange juice from this place in 25 years."
  • Fred (later)- "I haven't had an orange juice from this place in 17 years. Not really."
  • Fred- "How many blueberries are currently at the facility?"
    • Random person from afar- "Seven!"
  • bald guy- "How many lemons are in the lemon meringue pie?"
    • Fred- *points to the lemon on the counter* "One."
  • Fred- "Can I have 70,000 ice creams to go?"
  • Fred- "You're going to get arrested by the laughter police! They're going to handcuff your lips!"
    • Kim- "Wouldn't they be lipcuffs, then?"
  • bald guy- "Who sat there? Ghandi? Jesus?"
    • (a bit later) Fred- "I just said a bad word."
    • bald guy- "Is Jesus a bad word?"
  • bald guy- "The studs just walked in. If I were a girl right now I'd be like woot woot!"
  • bald guy- "My personal life's philosophy is not to fuck with anyone who doesn't fuck with me."
  • Mike- "They (the drunk people) always find me."
  • bald guy- (referring to me and Mike) "They're on a date, they want to be left alone."
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