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  • He makes exceptionally good coffee
    • And always knows when said coffee is needed
  • He dresses impeccably
    • No, really. Impeccably.
  • He has an amazing sense of humour
    • Dry wit is the way to my heart
    • ZING!
  • He works hard to get what he wants
  • He's caring and thoughtful
  • Willing to do whatever it takes for the people he loves
  • He's adorable
    • And adorkable
  • He knows all the good take out places
  • Your parents will most likely love him
  • He befriends stray pterodactyl's in his spare time
    • via dark chocolate
  • He goes both ways
  • "He cleans up shit, no questions asked."
  • He can go from tea boy to badass when he needs to
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