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user picture chloe: I feel like such a creep since I pay attention to your lists more than you probably do to mine, but I just had a question about the website you used to have posted in your sidebar info, the one that is like pinterest but a little cooler and the images dont disappear! please please help!! and also your a new bostonian?! what school did you get into?! (i was paying attention to that list too.. i'm not stalking you i swear lol) oct 1 2012
user picture Kelsey: Haha it's fine. I like reading other lists on here too. And I think you're talking about gimme bar [https://gimmebar.com/]?? And I'm currently at BU.
user picture chloe: it was gimme bar! thank you so much. congratulations on school! i hope you love it. i stayed home for college and i've been regretting it