Sorrelkit has the ability to cause other cats to hallucinate. This can vary from the disconcerting tickle of a fictitious centipede to the absolute warping of environments and sound.

The hallucinations are very convincing so it's hard to detect that they're happening in most cases. Those who are aware that something is wrong typically experience slight vertigo, or feel like they're in a lucid dream.

How the hallucinations work:

  • It's completely voluntary on Sorrelkit's part. If he's not making the conscious effort to create and maintain the hallucinations, they will dissipate. This means that if he is caught off-guard or his attention is split in a way where his focus is too scattered, the power will falter.
  • He has to be able to know where his target(s) are and keep track of them. The illu...
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It could be said that Sorrelkit has hallucinations himself, for he has delusions of grandeur that can make it difficult to be in his presence.

Most cats don't appreciate his firm ideology that he holds some sacred importance above his fellow clanmembers. Those who don't try to argue with him tend to brush it off as him being an imaginative kit. There have been no significant events that would imply any kind of favoritism by Starclan, yet he still insists that he is extraordinarily special whenever there's even a hint of discussion about it. He's very casually condescending, preferring simply treat his eminence as a fact that everyone should acknowledge and accept without debate.

Generally, Sorrelkit is quite the mellow cat. He likes to exist quietly, wandering throughout camp and poking his head around. He can usually be found lurking aroun..._he_ thinks will add a little excitement to t...

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    • Polite, Contributive, Knowledgable, Amicable


    • Adaptable, Cunning, Imaginative, Na├»ve


    • Entitled, Vengeful, Antagonistic, Manipulative
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