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  • find faith, belief in something intangible and the willingness to trust with your eyes closed and fingers crossed
  • bury yourself in words, both written and read
  • make time for important people and important things now, not later
  • be brave but be kind, say what you need to say
  • take more risks, remember that vulnerable is beautiful
  • fly to someone
  • fill your cracks with patience
  • drink more tea, spend quiet moments in thought
  • converse with strangers
  • collect stories from those near and far, both near and familiar
  • send your thoughts to far-off places
  • start becoming more tidy
  • renew your love for the kitchen: bake, cook, and most importantly, create
  • keep occupied, find a side hustle
  • take note of small details, save them on paper for later
  • allow yourself to fall into things, don't worry about being caught
  • give more fucks. care undeniably about things.
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