• bobby (real name: jiwon kim, hangeul: 김지원)
  • south korean rapper, lyricist, composer
  • member of boy group ikon
  • december 21, 1995
  • born: seoul, south korea
  • raised: virginia, usa
  • sns: instagram, twitter
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{ bobby's pre-debut activities with and without ikon } bobby is a successful kid, the fact that kpop is a huge trend in korea and worldwide as of the moment, underground rappers have looked down on rappers on the mainstream scene (labeled as "idol rappers") but at the age of 19, bobby has established himself as one of, if not the best, idol rappers in this generation of kpop; and that many underground/korean hiphop artists had looked up on him and acknowledge his talent.

  • bobby was signed in with yg entertainment (ikon's current entertainment management label) when he was 16 on 2011, and was put together in a team called team b with other 5 members. team b competed with and lost to the then known as team a on the survival show win: who is next on 2013, the show giving both teams the opportunity to debut under the name "winner".
    • during win , team b was able to release 2 digital singles, climax (sales: 76,899+) and just another boy (sales: 38,028+).
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{ bobby's achievements as a member of ikon, unless otherwise stated } ikon is a seven-membered boy group formed by yg entertainment and is based on south korea. they debuted with their warm-up single 취향저격 (my type) on september 15, 2015. their debut album welcome back , however, was split into two releases― the half album , which contained six tracks; and the full album in two versions: green and red, which contained five out of the six tracks from the half album plus five new ones, and a remix rock version of one of their title tracks "rhythm ta". they released seven singles out of the total twelve tracks from the album, all seven singles having its own music video. ikon's debut was a huge success, setting many new records for any kpop group acts.

  • since the release of their warm-up single my type on september 15th 2015, the song:
    • got 18 melon roof-hits. (meaning, the amount of people streaming the song at the s...__melon__ was too high that it hit the chart roof....
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