• i was being forced to shoot my best friend (not heather, a dream best friend) at a party. for some reason i was a man. when I went to shoot him (in the back nonetheless) my gun didn't work. i opened the chamber of he revolver i was using and blood poured out. i pulled out a bullet and realized that the gun wouldn't work because all of my bullets were full of blood that i could literally pour out of them. i went to the man that was forcing me to kill my friend and told him i couldn't do it so he pulled a gun on me so i had to explain that i had tried but couldn't. he had me luer my best friend into a back room of the house we were in and instead of me shooting him, he did.
  • i had a date. before he came i woke up and was running late. i had to wash my face because i had apparantly cried in the middle of the night and that had gotten mascara all over my face. it was like a 4 year old came along and painted my face with black watercolor. he got there (this person has been in a dream before but i don't know them in real life) and i wasn't ready yet so i apologized profusly and got ready. he and i and, for some reason, my sister, went to a restaurant. afterwards we went to the state fair and went down one of those giant yellow wavy slides but it was turquoise and we didn't sit on the potato sacks like they have you use. when we were done at the fair we went back to where i lived with heather when he had to go pick up his grandmother and brought her back to hang out with us. she brought us cinnomon rasin bread and somehow we were in a classroom at school with jenz and a bunch of other people eating the bread and playing music really loud on a stereo. the professor next door had to come over and yelled at us to turn the music down because it was too loud.
  • I was driving and for some reason, stopped paying attention and someone cut in front of me. I swerved to my right and was about to hit the back of a gian white van when I woke up.
  • one i wrote down a 2 years ago: i had to fly to copenhagen. today. it apparently was an emergency but my whole family was going and we didn't know why. i had all these meetings today that i had to cancel and all these final projects i had to finished before we left at 5:55 tonight. and there was this wierd old lady who was cheating on her husband with this wierd old man and they were both wearing crocheted purple and orange ponchos and slippers and they gave me some too. how nice.
  • and other:heather had a pet ferret and i had to nurse it and we were on a boat. wierd.
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