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"life is too important to be taken seriously." -Oscar Wilde

"always make new mistakes" -Esther Dyson

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The credit for these exposures goes to many people whom I thank with all of my heart for, without your dedication and lack of shame or common decency, this list would not be possible.

  • The Fishbowl
  • The Nest
  • Steps of Rome
  • Hallway of HSS building
  • Naan 'n' Curry (the 24 hour one downtown)
  • The Minestry
  • Popscene
  • 6 Flags Magic Mountain (The Batman ride to be specififc)
  • Naan 'n' Curry (on Irving)
  • Kyle's room
  • Susan's room
  • Pantea's room
  • Clement street from the car in front of Genki
  • Sparky's
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Toy Boat
  • Connor's (in Santa Cruz)
  • Fae's (in Santa Cruz)
  • Eagle's
  • Forever 21
  • HP Pavillion (Justin Timberlake)
  • Freeway exit to HP Pavillion
  • the middle of 4th avenue (pretty much every day of the week.)
  • The Philosopher's Club
  • 19th avenue
  • "the neighbors'" apartment
  • stuart's apartment
  • heather's house
  • el torreador
  • the great san francisco pillow fight 2007
  • webster street in front of stuart's apartment
  • body modifications (1. get pierced here. 2. seeing as it was for a specific and functional (?) purpose this one is a little less credible. 3. know what? fuck that, it involved nipples having large needles stuck through them, totally get's counted.)
  • Charlie's
  • Aunt Charlie's
  • Market Street
  • The Warfield
  • pretty much every hallway and gallery in the SFSU Fine Arts building...
  • slim's
  • junipero serra from my car to heather's... with love.
  • Humanities Auditorium at SFSU
  • Cafe Ethiopia
  • SFSU Dining Center
  • Church Street outside Sparky's
  • The Hall of Justice
  • Mary Ward QRT
  • Mary Ward Lobby
  • The Cantina
  • Mary Park Lobby
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