• Ohmged. No. It's bad enough that you are saying an internet acronym which should only ever be typed (which I am sometimes guilty of myself so I'm not throwing stones about that...), you are trying to turn it into an actual word. No.
  • Fresh. Sorry, the only things that should be decribed as "fresh" are usually edible. Or flowers. Not much else.
  • These ones. "One" is not a word that can be made plural. (unless for some reason you have physical "ones" ie cut out of paper or whatnot.) It is one. No more, just one. You can say "these" or "that one," but never "these ones". Probably only bothers me because as a child my mom always corrected me when I said this. Don't worry, I won't actually correct you if you say it, I'll just be dying a little inside.
jan 24 2007 ∞
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