From past experiences, I’ve learned not to trust people 110% because you are giving them an advantage to hurt you. I’ve learned that promises are meant to be broken. I’ve learned that the common phrase, “I’m sorry” are just two words put together that will sooner or later, lose its complete meaning. I’ve learned that you have to go through hell in order to learn how to love and appreciate. I hate it when people tell me that “oh, she’s young, she has a lot to live for” or…”she’s really young, she just wants to explore.” I hate it so much because I find myself just as young as everyone else. I’ve been through struggles, probably more than others, and most likely less than the unfortunate. I’m still young and I have an opportunity to go out and explore just as everyone else does. After I graduate, I’m going to set myself free from the burden of school, problems, etc. I’m tired of stressing out, tired of being put down, looked down upon, made fun of, how I can’t provide for myself financially, being hurt, etc. It is time for a change in my life because I deserve to be happy. People put up a front just so others will think that they are okay, but to be on the real note? Half of the people out there in this world are unhappy with their lives because of certain predicaments in their life. I happen to fall into that category.  

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