• I feel like i never get enough sleep
  • always hungry now ;D
  • never stop thinking about music.
  • use my borders card nonstop, addicted to reading if you ask me.
  • roses are my favorite flowers ;) BLACK/WHITE ones especially. Although you can never find black ones cause they dont exist. People try and they come pretty close to it ;D TY!
  • realized that im more outgoing now, maybe cause school is over
  • was kind of hard to block some people out of my life, but im good
  • starting to be a good influence(:
  • Id like to go to africa PLEASE! PRONTO!
  • i think im in love with the romantic/comedy movies. <3
  • i cant daydream anymore... makes me not wana talk. especially in the car with friends. ha
  • Loving the long walks and deep convo's and cool kick its with random people and best friends!
  • i hate mcds ( i just love the fries)
  • Life is good, no matter what.
jun 29 2010 ∞
oct 27 2010 +