hello c: here's a little you might wanna know about this little pipsqueak dork named sandy:

  • i'm 19! my bday is sept. 26th.
  • currently a senior in high school
  • also commonly known on the internet as 'sly'.
  • christian
  • cambodian & hmong mix - i'm really proud of both my cultures
  • books are my life. i'm a reader and a writer
  • overcame depression, still working on overcoming anxiety
  • i really love anime/manga - mainly shoujo but action, mystery, and slice of life are cool, too
  • i have a hard time keeping up conversation, but i really love making new friends and finding new people to talk to
  • really shy irl, also a try-hard nerd (with sucky grades)
  • insomniac
  • libra / infp / straight(?)
apr 3 2016 ∞
sep 30 2017 +