• i'm a bit more guarded, less willing to be my full self with others right off the bat
  • at the same time i'm more outgoing and can appreciate the value of other people even if we aren't particularly close
  • more willing to say no to people
  • more open to trying new things
  • i understand that idealism has to be met with pragmatism and that equation doesn't always result in the outcome you'd like
  • i care a lot less about what strangers/ the general public think of me, and a lot more about what friends and family think of me (as in I value those relationships and want to be my best self for them)


  • my eyes get really red and dry if i cry, compared to before when it was barely detectible
  • lower back pain in the morning
  • i have to sleep with a pillow between my knees otherwise they hurt
  • definitely can't eat just anything anymore
  • i have a higher alcohol tolerance, but experience worse hangovers
  • regular sleep schedule is everything
  • i actually enjoy exercise more because the benefits are more tangible
feb 24 2017 ∞
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