• hard working
  • manages time well
  • makes others feel welcome and loved
  • enjoys things fully
  • warm and friendly with strangers
  • reads a lot and really takes in what she reads
  • critical thinker
  • always advocates for women
  • has great taste in clothes/decorations/home goods etc
  • texts back quickly/good communicator


  • optimistic
  • good listener
  • always has new movies/music etc to recommend
  • never ashamed to like what she likes/doesn't let criticism get to her


  • good listener and always lets me talk for as long as i need
  • fucking hilarious. sense of humor on POINT
  • athletic but not in a braggy way
  • has refined taste in food
  • cooks really well
  • mindful of health
  • non-judgmental
  • doesn't gossip
  • affirming/validating
  • notices small things that she likes in people and vocalizes them
  • generally is positive about others
  • environmentally conscious
  • not materialistic
  • reads interesting books
  • so good at music things
  • not afraid to promote herself/takes compliments well
  • puts herself out there


  • ambitious
  • professional
  • good at not overextending herself
  • willing to take advice
  • admits her errors
  • super intelligent without being intimidating
  • listens well


  • can laugh at herself
  • always up for anything
  • so nurturing & loving
  • good supporter of doing whatever the hell u want and not giving a f what anyone thinks
  • knows her worth


  • funniest person i know
  • puts himself out there a lot and is willing to try new things, different paths
  • adventurous
  • really good at being an ally to women and checking his privilege
  • compassionate & understanding
  • not afraid to be goofy
  • really fucking loves dogs


  • civically engaged
  • ily her singing voice and understated musical talents
  • good at telling you the hard truths you need to hear
  • expresses gratitude and appreciation well
  • funny, and also doesn't get mad when other people are funny/appreciates a good joke


  • so accomplished
  • reads a fuckton
  • has great personal style
  • always goes out and does things
  • willing to change her mind/be open to new things
  • educates herself well/self-motivated


  • positive about other people
  • doesn't gossip
  • goofy as heck
  • can laugh at herself and can make a funny story out of anything
  • knows so many cool things and always knows about events going on
  • amazing at other languages
  • basically just knows so much more than she lets on
  • gives good compliments
  • listens well and asks good questions


  • you will never have more fun on a night out than with chris
  • always down to have a good time whether it's in or out
  • loves dancing
  • unabashedly dorky about his interests
  • brings people together
  • organized & driven
  • cuddly and loving
  • will run with any joke
  • makes others feel included, important
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