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★ my soon-to-be legal name is lee, but i also go by richie and virge

★ im nonbinary, queer and demisexual, i use they/them pronouns. please dont ask about my assigned gender at birth

★ im professionally diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder, and currently on medication. im also self-dxed with autism spectrum disorder, you can ask why i dont have an official dx if you know me, but it's a touchy subject

★ im a minor, but feel free to follow/interact/etc if you're 18+

★ my zodiac sign is scorpio-sagittarius cusp. i dont enjoy celebrating my birthday because of my gender dysphoria

★ i'm a writer and artist, though im not nearly as good as either as id like to be. i also do archery, do tarot readings, play way too many video games to be productive, and im in my school's choir

★ random tidbits: i live in chicago, im allergic to kiwi, and im an atheist. i get a's and b's in school mostly. i have a skin conition that does no harm but makes my skin weirdly bumpy, and i had a resperstory condition a long time in the past that permanently fucked up my lungs. cottage cheese is my #1 enemy, and im considering becoming a vegetarian. i only speak english, but i am learning asl

★i love making friends! please message me im lonely

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