[✉ ♡] ᴘᴀʀᴋ ᴊɪᴍɪɴ ⋟ busan, 1995.

my love, my heart and my soul, the one who gave me the taste of the most incredible feeling in the whole world; love.

when i first saw you, it felt like truly magic. i felt goosebumps, butterflies on my stomach, my heart flutter and racing like crazy and, before i knew it, i had already fallen for you. you came like a miracle, when everything was falling apart and my days becoming darker and daker, you appeared like an angel with your radiant smile then everything was bright again, like it was suppose to be, turning me into a beautiful galaxy, nebulosa, supernova, just like you.

when my dark days haunt me again, the image of your beautiful eyesmile appears in my mind. the way your eyes vanish when your smile shows can light up my mood, brighten up my day and warm my tiny little heart, making me happy again.

your personality amazes me. you're such a hard-working person, this always makes me so determinated to do anything. when bts accomplish something, my heart blooms with pride and joy. i love seeing you truly happy when you get an award, for example, your hard-work was not in vain.

you make me feel alive, strong and joyful. my once blank and boring life is now filled with the most bright and amazing colors that you brought and painted, i bet even the most incredible artists would envy the art you created on me, with your vivid and show-stopping colors, you made me colorful again. i don't know how to express how grateful i am for filling me up with so many wonderful feelings, my prince charming. i hope you feel loved just the way you make me feel loved, you deserve all good things in the world and i wish i could give you that. you are my treasure, the rainbow after a huge thunderstorm, the smile after tears, the love after pain. i feel like a sad song without you. i can not imagine living in a world where you don't exist, it just not makes sense. you've become my world, the best part of me. my heart had choosen you. from so many people, it had choosen your eyes, lips, nose. you are my home, make me feel safe and sound, like i am part of something, like i am important. i thank you for this and to my eyes, you're perfect.

i love you, petit prince charming. the one who has always saved me, my sun, moon and stars. my eternal, ethereal and perpetual love.

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