Amanda Lee Written on: March 26th 2010 'Breast implant bombs' new terror tactic Women terrorists recruited by the Al Qaeda are being fitted with exploding breast implants, which are impossible to detect on airlines. This was found out by British spies. “Plastic surgery” type procedures are happening, where they insert explosives into women’s breasts, and even in men butt’s of male bombers. A terrorist expert Joseph Farah claims that women suicide bombers pretend to be getting plastic surgery but then they have explosives put into their breasts. The lethal explosive is called PETN, which is one of the most powerful high explosives in the world, with a relative effectiveness factor of 1.66. (Relative effectiveness factor or R.E. factor is a measurement of an explosive's power for military demolitions purposes. It is used to compare an explosive's effectiveness relative to TNT by weight only. This enables engineers to substitute one explosive for another when they are calculating blasting equations that are designed for TNT. For example, if a timber cutting charge requires 1 kg of TNT to work, it would take 0.6 kg of PETN or 1.25 kg of ANFO to have the same effect.)

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