• Fork and spoon/knife not put on the same side on plate when finished eating
  • People not washing hands after going to the bathroom, especially public restrooms
  • Pen/marker/texter/etc. cap not being put on when not in use
  • People who are barefoot when outdoors (beaches/poolsides/water parks excepted)
  • Bare feet in general
  • Any contact with the eye (e.g. putting in eyedrops, putting on contacts)
  • Having powerpoints on when nothing's plugged in or not in use
  • Leaving the tap running when not in use
  • Using the same cutlery and plate for savoury AND sweet foods
  • People who deliberately put their bag/belongings on a seat when on the train/bus when clearly it's peak hour and others need to be seated
  • People who don't do the courtesy wave after I gave way to them
  • Overuse of profanity and cursing in everyday conversation
  • Finger marks on windows especially on cars
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