Thursday, October 1:

  • it's october already WHATTTTTTT
  • 23 months with beb!!!
  • A picked me up and we headed to the buddhist temple in bonnyrigg across vinnies
    • he chilled at vinnies while i had a roam around and had a talk with one of the admin ladies who worked there - finally getting somewhere with my assignment (still many ragrets for lagging this much D: but that's all on me)
  • A bought pictionary at vinnies for $4
  • monthsary date at twelve spices for lunch!!!
    • chicken pad thai, pork fried rice, ox tongue, watermelon and lychee shakes and pandan fried ice-cream
    • cravings satisfied after watching the pad thai video on buzzfeed
oct 1 2015 ∞
nov 3 2015 +

Wednesday, July 1:

  • woke at 11 for the 12pm mass at St. Francis church
  • Cis, A and i caught a melbourne train for the first time
    • felt like the customer service guy ripped us off 'cause we were foreigners lol
  • eventually found our way to South Yarra station where chapel st. shops were
  • had lunch at Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew
    • solid wagyu beef (Y)
  • cissy got his haircut at barberesso - you get a free coffee with every haircut (not bad)
  • bought myself some nice chunky flats from topshop for only $16 and this $130 cardigan from dakota 501 for only $10 woooo st...
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jul 31 2015 +

Wednesday, April 1:

  • did not want to get out of bed this morning :(
  • mainly revision today during Spanish - enjoyed my Sesame Snaps in the morning - must buy more!!!
  • caught the train home with PHEEBS today!!! - she's still alive!!!
  • A picked me up and dropped me home
  • felt like crap so i shut myself out from him
  • went to JB early so i could make it to confession - before HH - Kevin was there too
    • God bless Father Epeli
  • it was only Kev, Mayon, Sam, the coords (minus Tito Jay and Tita Bern) and myself there tonight - best reflection though - got me thinking more about the importance of Holy Week and the Passion of our Lord...
apr 1 2015 ∞
apr 30 2015 +

Thursday, January 1:

  • what a way to start the year
  • intoxication + emotional drunk dez = not a good combination
  • i'm blessed with great friends and even greater company though
  • even got to see
  • wouldn't have wanted to spend new years any other way
  • "your personality, your spirituality, and your long legs" - B.C - hahahaha, made my night
  • SQUAD 2013 = faves
  • inflatable pools, DIY water slides, KFC and halo-halo are the perfs way to cure a hangover

Friday, January 2:

  • can't believe the cafe across the street isn't open until the 6th of jan
  • i can't deal with getting smashed at work...
jan 2 2015 ∞
jan 31 2015 +

Sunday, November 1:

  • work 9:00-4:00
    • many ragrets saying yes to work after the party - not that i was hungover, just that i was so exhausted from the whole day
    • worked with bella, kim, mark, jae and candice
    • lost power from all the circuits in the middle of our peak hour - had to close the cafe for an hour D:
    • most stressful and most tiring day, and TOM didn't help
  • got home, showered and chilled out with beb for a bit before heading to basketball
  • bansktown sundays
    • kev, nyn and alisha came to wotch
    • we won!! - even got a 3 in hehe :)))
nov 1 2015 ∞
nov 30 2015 +

Saturday, August 1:

  • slept in until about 1pm - woke up with the sorest throat and worst headache (it has begun)
  • had tocino, egg and rice for brunch
  • chilled until i had to get ready
  • got picked up by A and headed to Wetherill courts for a quick shoot around before Flight Night
    • Sam, Vince, Cis, and A
  • pre-game KFC feed
  • picked up Vince and headed there
  • FLIGHT NIGHT with the whole CFC community
    • great seeing so many faces again
    • won 1, lost the rest :(:
    • all for fun though - couldn't get over the reps girl on Karen's team though D:
  • kebab run with the squad
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aug 31 2015 +

Friday, May 1:

  • can't believe it's already May!!!
  • still don't know why i choose to have 9am starts (and yet next sem every day i have is a 9am start lol)
  • first tute - seriously need to find a way to enjoy this subject because i am struggling so much
    • although this week wasn't so bad because it was about food hehe
  • spent my lunch break with some Spanish mates - talked about our exam, the Bali 9, living/studying abroad
    • mum also got our Les Mis tickets as my birthday present!!! you da real mvp
  • Spanish to end the week - slowly starting to get the hang of sentence structuring, but not really lol
  • came home to 4 more little kittens in our...
may 1 2015 ∞
may 31 2015 +

Sunday, February 1:

  • it's February. WHAT.
  • werk schmerk
    • slow start - was so out of it and i wanted to cry at one point before my break
    • got complimented on my coffee again - always a great feeling
    • battered fish wrap for lunch - was pretty good hey?
    • legit, i don't know if i'd still work here if it weren't for my amazing work mates and regulars that i've became friends with
  • dropped Donico home after work - was soooo tempted to take a sneaky shot of him sleeping haha
  • went home for a bit before A picked us up for ball
  • woooooo first win in a while! - and it feels good to get shots in hehe
feb 1 2015 ∞
feb 28 2015 +

Tuesday, December 1:

  • first day of december/summer / 24 days 'til christmas!!!
  • slept in, had brunch, got ready and headed to valley plaza for my passport photos
  • got home, finished working on my session and sharing, napped for a bit and then got picked up by A
  • dropped by tito rhei's and visited nanay, tatay, aldrei and elyze before they leave for phils
  • confession and mass at good sheps
    • definitely something i needed - "God doesn't love you because you are perfect. Remember that" - thanks bro. pat
  • screening/preps at the cerdan's residence
    • full house - A, sam, dean, karren, danny, nyn, joseph, chris, thom, annemarie, fay...
dec 1 2015 ∞
jan 1 2016 +

Tuesday, September 1:

  • stayed up 'til 3am watching how to get away with murder - this show is soooo good bruh
  • slept in 'til 11ish and booked my car in for service - also have to pay for basketball rego which means i'm eating sand the next two weeks lol
  • finally caught up on the whole season and oh man dat plot twist of an ending to HTGAWM - keen for season 2 though!!
  • tried to get uni work done for tomorrow - only got through spanish homework

Wednesday, September 2:

  • actually woke up not as tired - probs 'cause i knocked out at around 11ish last night
  • uni 9-5
  • spanish class was ok - had Miguel again instead of Luisa which i didn't mind 'caus...
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sep 30 2015 +

Monday, June 1:

  • mum woke me up at 9 'cause i had to move my car, only to find out i didn't need to 'cause she ended up driving my car to work 'cause she lost her keys
    • grumpy dez is not happy
  • spent the whole day watching Full House because i could
    • had chest pains all throughout the day though :(
  • got ready for showtunes practice
    • picked up Kev and headed to good sheps
  • pretty productive night - worked out our concept, gathered some peeps and started learning the songs
  • dropped kevin home and kept beb company before he knocked out
  • spent the rest of the night watching more...
jun 1 2015 ∞
jun 30 2015 +

Sunday, March 1:

  • first day of autumn and already the weather is being bipolar - from sunny to windy to rainy to sunny to windy again
  • wasted my whole day
    • woke up at 8:45 to wake beb up and keep him company on his drive to work
    • stayed up for a bit to have breakfast
    • knocks out from 11-3:30 in the arvo - felt so sluggish
  • got ready for mass and headed out with Cis
  • came home to bae chillin outside my house - turns out he could've gone inside 'cause mum stayed at home
  • helped bae finish his essay that was due tomorrow arvo
  • ended the night feeling all numb. And I don't like it one bit

Monday, March 2:

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