Oh, dear. How do you feel? Are you feeling cold, dizzy, sore, or aching at some part of your body, or not all I mentioned? But there's one thing for sure, you're not feeling good, aren't you?

How come you're feeling unwell like this? Did you rest properly? Did you eat properly? It might be between you didn't rest or eat properly or maybe both?

The important thing to do when you're feeling unwell is to take more rest. You need to let your body rest and recuperate.

If you caught a fever, drink much water until you dying for a pee so that your body temperature dropped down. I'm pretty sure you know this well than myself, though.

Get some healthy foods! Don't ever skip your meals. Don't just eat when you're feeling like to eat. I know you're probably don't have the appetite when you're feeling unwell, but you won't recover if you don't consume any meals. You can also supplement with a vitamin C or any related medicine.

Stay hydrated! I do aware that a simplest water can heal any kind of illness. Do you want to know a trick so that it will work on your body? Don't forget to pray to God before you drink the water. Pray so that He would cure your illness and change it to another better thing.

Then take more rest! Please get well really soon!

nov 21 2020 ∞
nov 24 2020 +