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may 9th, 2018. i never knew you'd replace home.
june 18th, 2018. you are home.
dec 20th, 2018. will you marry me?

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yoojin's p.o.v. | song for thought

  • this was a very interesting time frame because i was really questioning what went in our heads and by our, i really meant mine... from the amount of kinky fuckery we had and i never told you this, but. a part of me was actually afraid if i ever made you feel like i used you, for sex, from the amount of how often i asked for it and i worried if ever you thought that it was the only thing i had in my mind... and then the pregnancy bomb. i think i did that because i had a baby fever and thought 'why not?' and i truly do apologize if that made you taken aback. again, as i've said, i tend to be rash in these kind of things. if you think with your brain, i mostly think with my heart. if my heart says do it, then you can bet that i would do it. but honestly, everything that i do, it's all mainly because i love you. i love you so much that i just want to experience everything with you and it scares me. it scares me how in love i am with you because there's no way someone can love a person this much but i'm not complaining. if this is the love that we deserve, then i'll forever be in love with you as long as you are with me. i love you, kim jaeyeong, and i have a feeling, no. i know that i'll continue to love you even more.

jaeyeong's p.o.v.

  • please fill in your most deep thoughts throughout your journey as jaeyeong with yoojin. uwu
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