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may 9th, 2018. i never knew you'd replace home.
june 18th, 2018. you are home.
dec 20th, 2018. will you marry me?

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(matured-ish) junyeol's p.o.v. | song for thought

  • not gonna lie, the song highkey feels like some sort of disney movie aesthetics kind of song but anyway, i think this is the part where i've somewhat had an epiphany. jks. i'm kidding, but i think upon being junyeol once more, i came to a realization that i am indeed, truly madly deeply in love with you. and i'm not saying it for the sake of being cheesy or whatever but i am in love with you. from the way you spoil me rotten, to the way you care for me when it's midnight. i am in love with the way your face lights up when you talk about something important to you and something you're passionate about. i'm in love with the countless support you've given me and god, i swear, i will never forget the look on my mom's face when we had dinner over at my house but perhaps, i also won't forget that we fucked in my room when you clearly told me, "we're not going to fuck in the same house your parents are in." i'm in love with your never-ending cheese. i doubt i'll ever get tired of it even if i suffer secondhand embarrassment from it but at times like those are the ones that hit me hard. like, ah, i am in love with this man as much as he is in love with me and i can't even fathom how much i've changed from the moment we met up till now. i think previous me would have never expected to fall in love and to be wrapped in someone's arms to fall asleep. it all would seem like a dream, a far fetched fantasy and if ever, you are indeed a dream, i would never want to wake up. you are better than any realities existing. sometimes i do wonder if you're really all mine, and what i did to deserve someone like you, but those questions have the definite answer without having to think too hard and whatever i did to make you mine, i'd do it all over again just to have you all for myself. my favourite person.

jaeyeong's (part 2?) p.o.v.

  • p.s. you don't have to fill this one if there's nothing to fill,,,
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