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may 9th, 2018. i never knew you'd replace home.
june 18th, 2018. you are home.
dec 20th, 2018. will you marry me?

theomas follows:

junyeol's p.o.v. | song for thought

  • i never thought i would ever make a home out of a person once again. i admit, at first, i enjoyed your attention since i haven't felt butterflies in my stomach for a while. i always wondered, 'is it even possible?' and yes, it is. you made it possible. i'll even admit that i'm rash when it comes to these things, perhaps that's the reason why my motto then was fight or flight. i'm sorry i scared you twice in the span of me being junyeol with joshua - once was when i brought you flowers and then suddenly i just disappeared for the day and then of course, when our second monthsary came. i never intended to scare you. i never intended to play your emotions then, nor will i ever intend to do so. the me then just happened to be a scared junyeol. i was afraid of being ghosted because frankly, whenever i grew attached with people, they leave and perhaps, in my own selfishness of wanting to protect myself, i had unknowingly scarred the innocent you but know this, joshua kim, i have never regretted following you home and if i had to do it again just to have you, i'd do it all the same.

joshua's p.o.v.

  • please fill in your most deep thoughts throughout your journey as joshua with jun. uwu
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