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I'm okay with most follows! Just DNI if you're a terf/homophobe/racist or something like that.

My username on most sites is mahiruhanayo. So just search that to see if I exist elsewhere.

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  • Meghan
  • 18
  • Cis
  • White
  • she/her
  • Born 7/15 (♋)
  • Tweet Heavy
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Autism
  • If I do something wrong, please let me know! I'm still growing up so I'm likely to make mistakes. If I do something wrong I will apologize and correct my behavior.
  • The whole slur/reclaiming slurs thing is a lot for me, so I just try not to use anything that would be a slur to be on the safe side.
  • Nice to meet you!
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The little plusies mean there's explanations/extra info about it!

  • Danganronpa (+)

this is the biggest one. i've been a dr fan since 2014. there is no guarentee i will ever be over my danganronpa phase.

  • Your Turn To Die (+)

i run a rather big fanserver for the game! join here:

  • Love Live
  • Boku no Hero Academia (+)

Follow along with my liveblogging thread here!

  • Tokyo Seventh Sisters
  • Bandori
  • saimota (+)

i’ve now written two (2) saimota fics that are over 11,000 words. I love them so...

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The little plusies means there's explanations!

  • being hardblocked (+)

I only reserve the block button for the worst of the worst: those with hateful agendas, those who send me porn, and those who hate on others, mostly. Because of this, I presume that people who have blocked me hate me. If you can, softblock me. It'll keep my anxiety down, for I tend to catastrophize and think I am a horrible person when blocked.

  • incest
  • people who make entire accounts to hate on a fictional ship/character
  • insects
  • allergies
  • trying new foods in front of other people
  • working hard on things I lack an interest...
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