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I'm okay with most follows! Just DNI if you're a terf/homophobe/racist or something like that.

My username on most sites is mahiruhanayo. So just search that to see if I exist elsewhere.

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The little plusies mean there's explanations/extra info about it!

  • Danganronpa (+)

this is the biggest one. i've been a dr fan since 2014. there is no guarentee i will ever be over my danganronpa phase.

  • Your Turn To Die (+)

i run a rather big fanserver for the game! join here:

  • Love Live
  • Boku no Hero Academia (+)

Follow along with my liveblogging thread here!

  • Tokyo Seventh Sisters
  • Bandori
  • saimota (+)

i’ve now written two (2) saimota fics that are over 11,000 words. I love them so much!!

  • art (+)

wips, progression videos, learning different mediums, whatever i think is cute/neat

  • moe/cute girl anime
  • idols
  • Yuri/GL
  • mahou shoujous
  • Language (Translation, Culture, Foreign Studies) (+)

I occasionally tweet in French! If you spot an error on my part, and are able to correct me, please do. It'd mean the world to me! <3

  • Twitter Threads
  • Voice Acting
  • Video Editing
  • Revue Starlight
  • Touhou Project (+)

8/13 I finally 1CC'd Imperishable Night!

  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear

I don’t tweet about things besides Danganronpa, BNHA, or Bandori very much as of late, sorry about that! But I do like all those things.

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