• i got to bring in pictures of myself for the birthday board.
  • i spilled kool aid on kate sleger's carpet and her mom was mad.
  • josh banks sang and danced to oh happy day in front of the whole class.
  • kate sleger told me was sex was at a sleepover in fifth grade.
  • making a dictionary with jessica.
  • making out with posters in truth or dare.
  • morgan pope telling me she was more important than me in first grade.
  • ms. groenoweg came to my birthday party.
  • ms. hoffman loved black people.
  • pagel points in third grade.
  • prank calling everyone with wendy and maria to sing stacey's mom on their answering machine.
  • sarah sufferling's treasure hunt birthday party in third grade.
  • singing a solo with josh miller in second grade.
  • someone gave ms. berger a hamburger cake.
  • starting a "band" with jen, maria, brittany, and wendy.
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