• i usually need LONG DOP on all of my WTB/LFS/#MK10magpakitakana posts. if you approach me as a seller it means you agree to my requested timeframe. Rest assured that if I give you an exact date, you will receive my payment on that date.
  • if im the one who approached you first as a buyer, i 100% confirm that i have read and adhere to your t&c including DOP.
  • you have my full commitment that once you reserve the item under my name, i’ll make sure to pay them at our agreed dop.
  • for rare circumstances where i will not be able to transfer money at our agreed dop (for reasons but not limited to emergency one-off expenses, or technical issues on bank’s side etc), i will let you know right away, and we will decide based on seller's TnC re: late payments/dop extension
  • any transfer to bank is fine, but i can not do pera padala
  • please offer CLEAN PCs only unless i stated im willing to proceed with flaws
  • be honest with PC conditions, i'm flexi with minor marks and scratches but NO DENTS
oct 17 2021 ∞
nov 29 2021 +