• i usually need LONG DOP on all of my WTB/LFS/#MK10magpakitakana posts. if you approach me as a seller it means you agree to my requested timeframe. Rest assured that if I give you an exact date, you will receive my payment on that date.
  • if im the one who approached you first as a buyer, i 100% confirm that i have read and adhere to your t&c including DOP.
  • you have my full commitment that once you reserve the item under my name, i’ll make sure to pay them at our agreed dop.
  • for rare circumstances where i will not be able to transfer money at our agreed dop (for reasons but not limited to emergency one-off expenses, or technical issues on bank’s side etc), i will let you know right away, and we will decide based on seller's TnC re: late payments/dop extension
  • any transfer to bank is fine, but i can n...
oct 17 2021 ∞
jan 30 2022 +
  • items are in good condition unless stated otherwise
  • i do not require downpayment however please be a responsible buyer
  • payo & 3 days reservation ok
  • strictly no refund once payment has been received and finalized. you either find someone who will salo your items and pay you directly and i’ll arrange the shipment to the tagasalo, OR you wait for items to be shipped out to you then you will look for your own buyer.
  • i can accept downpayment to reserve the items FOR THREE DAYS however please note that this is non-refundable. no paramdam from buyer after 3 days = items will be up in the market again.
  • for my "qyop" items, i do not necessarily choose the highest offer. do not lowball, but no need to give ridiculous high price
oct 17 2021 ∞
jan 30 2022 +
  • trading from MNL
  • willing to trade with anyone from any loc in the ph
  • no SC/0 please. Preferred MOD: direct ggx, lbc, sdd
  • offer clean PCs only
  • 1 album pc : 1 album pc
  • kihno to kihno
  • 2-3 album pcs (depends on the MP) : 1 kihno
  • do not offer PCs of other members (i only collect mark and ten)
  • do not offer PCs of mark and ten that are not on my prio list, unless i stated im willing to consider if there’s “sparks”
  • items are in good condition unless stated otherwise
  • NO RUSH SHIPPING PLEASE as i am a corpo slave who works almost to more than 10hrs a day
dec 6 2021 ∞
jan 30 2022 +