• trading from MNL
  • willing to trade with anyone from any loc in the ph
  • no SC/0 please. Preferred MOD: direct ggx, lbc, sdd
  • offer clean PCs only
  • 1 album pc : 1 album pc
  • kihno to kihno
  • 2-3 album pcs (depends on the MP) : 1 kihno
  • do not offer PCs of other members (i only collect mark and ten)
  • do not offer PCs of mark and ten that are not on my prio list, unless i stated im willing to consider if there’s “sparks”
  • items are in good condition unless stated otherwise
  • NO RUSH SHIPPING PLEASE as i am a corpo slave who works almost to more than 10hrs a day
  • i do not require packing fee unless i ran out of materials
  • i am not liable for damages or lost items after shipping out your package
  • no unboxing video = no refund; trader will shoulder the SF for return items
dec 6 2021 ∞
jan 30 2022 +