• I want to stress out making food for a dinner party with friends and family
  • I'll drink red wine and eat cheese while a jazz band plays
  • my apartment will be decked out with Contemporary furniture
  • Whole Foods will be my grocer
  • I'll own real estate
  • talking shop will consist of politics, business/finance, marriage/family
  • my parents will be the head of our greater family
  • my coffee obsession will have been kicked and I'll have replaced it with Chai Lattes
  • the closet will be filled with labels like Banana Republic, Betsy Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang....
  • I'll have a damn good health insurance
  • paperbacks will line the shelves of my office and pop a squat on the breakfast table
  • a daily subscription to the newspaper will be available in my lawn
  • I'll pimp white after Labor Day and think I look classy
  • my girlfriends and I will sip cocktails at fancy restaurants (living the life of SATC)
  • my business will be a lucrative out of my home photo/video co.
  • I'll sport Crocs and have one of those Green Mountain felt hanging chairs on my porch
oct 15 2008 ∞
aug 7 2009 +