I got Reading the OED for Christmas. Just started it. Of the words he found to be interesting, I'm picking those few that I find give me perspective and awe.

A -

  • Addubiation (n.) A suggestion of doubt.
  • Advesperate (v.) To approach evening.
  • Aeipathy (n.) "Continued passion."
  • Agerasia (n.) _A lack of signs of age; a youthful old age.
  • Anpeyn (v.) To exert a great deal of effort; to try one's hardest.
  • Antipelargy (n.) "The reciprocal love of children to their parents."
  • Apricity (n.) The warmth of the sun in winter.
  • Aspectabund (adj.) Having an expressive face.
  • Atechny (n.) A lack of skill; a lack of knowledge of art.

B -

  • Beadledom (n.) The sense of self-importance and officiousness seen as characteristic of beadles, or minor officials.
  • Bemissionary (v.) To annoy with missionaries.
  • Bouffage (n.) An enjoyable or satisfying meal.

C -

  • Cachinnator (n.) A person who laughs too loud or too much.
  • Chrestomathic (adj.) "Devoted to the learning of useful matters."
  • Conjugalism (n.) The art of making a good marriage.
  • Consenescence (n.) "Growing old together; general decay."

D -

  • Debag (v.) To strip the pants from a person, either as a punishment or as a joke.
  • Dulcarnon (n.) A person in a dilemma.

H -

  • Hindermate (n.) A companion who hinders more than helps.
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