• she's a force to NOT reckon with
  • she's a true leo, you cross her once and she'll never forgive you, but if you're sweet on her, she'll love you forever
  • she can conform her Spanish speech patterns to the dialect of the person she's talking to
  • even though she's been in the workforce for years, she's dedicated time to getting her degree, even if it's taken her a few years
  • she has no shame, and jokes around like guys do, poking fun to pass the time


  • there's no 6 degrees of separation with him; he knows everyone
  • he loves life to it's fullest
  • he has an extreme passion for music
  • wherever there's a live band, no matter what the genre, no matter if they suck, he's there to listen
  • he retired when my grandmother died so that he could take care of my grandfather
  • he's a jack of all trades: engineer, musician, dad, handyman, carpenter, auto repairman, superhero


  • no matter what shit I put them through, or how crazy I make them, they are always there to help out
  • they're more than my parents, they're my best friends
  • they're my biggest cheerleaders
  • everything they've chastised me about is advice that I use over and over again with friends (and my boy toy)
  • they took into consideration my feelings about they're health, and took a step towards being better
  • they love each other so much, I hope that I get to grow old with someone and continue to have the love that they have at their age
  • they have no shame in showing affection for one another in public
oct 12 2008 ∞
aug 7 2009 +
user picture Kristi: I am a true Leo, and I am the same way. Good mom. :) oct 23 2008
user picture Kristi: They both sound like wonderful parents. I am so glad for you. That is not easy to come by in this crazy world we live in.