• Oh- you can tease me, Oh- how I want you to. And you can squeeze me Baby, I like that too. But don't you lead me, I won't follow you. ~ Ben Harper
  • You were like coming up for fresh air. It’s like I was drowning and you saved me. ~ Dr. McDreamy
  • Word, you keep my dark sky lit up at night, so bright that you blindin' my sight Cos all I see is a Hot Thing ~ Talib Kweli
  • You must understand how the touch of your hand makes my pulse react ~ Tina Turner
  • Once I saw you were a woman with profound static cling, I wanted to be that force around you. ~ Because I said So
  • In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with. ~ Mac MacGuff in Juno
  • I wanna hear a poem where ideas kiss similes so deeply metaphors get jealous. ~ Steve Coleman
  • I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control, and at times, hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as don't deserve me at my best. ~ Marilyn Monroe
  • True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. ~ Jason Jordan
  • I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.
  • Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go DO IT. Because what the worlds needs is people who have come alive. ~ Howard Thurman
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