"everything i learned, i learned from the movies."

  • 12 angry men, 1957
  • before sunrise, 1995
  • boyhood, 2014
  • carol, 2015
  • casablanca, 1942
  • chicago, 2002
  • chinatown, 1974
  • cléo de 5 a sept, 1962
  • double indemnity, 1944
  • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, 2004
  • her, 2013
  • inside llewyn davis, 2013
  • kingsman: the secret service, 2015
  • la double vie de véronique, 1991
  • la la land, 2016
  • lost in translation, 2003
  • magnolia, 1999
  • medianeras, 2011
  • no country for old men, 2007
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"one must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us."

  • 11/22/63, stephen king
  • becoming, michelle obama
  • kindred, octavia butler
  • misery, stephen king
  • pride and prejudice, jane austen
  • sense and sensibility, jane austen
  • the great gatsby, f. scott fitzgerald
  • the millennium trilogy, stieg larsson
  • the seven husbands of evelyn hugo, taylor jenkins reid
  • and then there were none, agatha christie
  • blue lily, lily blue, maggie stiefvater
  • clockword prince, cassandra clare
  • harry potter and the half-blood prince, j.k rowling
  • the diviners, libba bray
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red taylor swift

  • treacherous: "nothing safe is worth the drive"
  • state of grace: "this is a state of grace, this is the worthwhile fight"
  • begin again: "i think it's strange that you think i'm funny 'cause he never did"

damn. kendrick lamar

  • xxx: "tell me what you do for love, loyalty, and passion of, all the memories collected, moments you could never touch"
  • love: "am i in the way?"

golden hour kacey musgraves

  • happy & sad: "and i'm the kind of person who starts getting kinda nervous when i'm having the time of my life"
  • rainbow: "if you could see what i see, you'd be blinded by the colors"

melodrama lorde

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luisa, 17 - "dum spiro spero."

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likes: old films. cinema. rainy and cold days. books. dogs. cats. kissing. the red album by taylor swift. laughing. telling bad jokes. traveling. christmas. new year's eve. being complimented. the thought of falling in love. chocolate. flowers. basketball.

dislikes: watching a bad film before going to bed. hate. being judged. lack of sense of humor. my own negative thoughts. missing people. close minded people. feeling ugly. bad school grades.


    • films: phantom thread. boyhood. rear window. trois couleurs trilogy. la double vie de véronique. the apartment. medianeras. lost in translation. +
    • people: taylor swift. steph curry. rooney mara. harry styles. +
    • tv shows: the x files. parks and recreation. the o...
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as a character: celine from the before trilogy

    • "isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?"

as a character: mariana from medianeras

    • "there's this constant fear of knowing i'm one lost person among millions."

as a character: theodore twombly from her

    • "sometimes i think i have felt everything i'm ever gonna feel. and from here on out, i'm not gonna feel anything new. just lesser versions of what i've already felt."

as a film: trois couleurs: rouge (1994)

    • "perhaps you're the woman i never met."
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every single scene in movies that have a very special meaning to me or is simply superb.

  • the wise up sing-a-long scene from magnolia (1999)
  • moon song scene from her (2013)
  • a lovely night from la la land (2016)
  • cell block tango from chicago (2002)
  • you talking to me? from taxi driver (1976)
  • lizzie and darcy having an argument in pride and prejudice (2005)
  • we'll always have paris from casablanca (1942)
  • the eduardo rage scene from the social network (2010)
  • the cool girl monologue from gone girl (2014)
  • lisbeth getting her revenge in the girl with the dragon tattoo (2011)
  • not quite my tempo from whiplash (2014)
  • the final scene in medianeras (2011)
  • i was perfect from black swan (2010)
  • when mason is leaving the house in boyhood (2014)
  • the final scene in cinema paradiso (1988)...
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