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☮♬ autumn, winter, tea, coffee, love, perfume, diamonds, shopping, pearls, music, boys, love letters, gifts, flowers, cupcakes, shoes, traveling, coco chanel, birds, fashion, stars, buttons, mittens, polaroids, cameras, joy, happiness, the beach, boots, whales, paris, london, waffles, cheesecake, sunshine, books, fairytale castles, lingerie, nature, rain, tights, hats, cardigans, kittens, braids, ...

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katie books (2019)
stefania movies ( period dramas I loved the most)
lindsay favorites (current - feb 2019)
cariatide why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and cry over a tv show. (2020)
latin word of the day
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  • “Dominos” – The Big Pink from A Brief History of Love
  • “The Box” – 1990s from Kicks
  • “Oslo Novelist” – Grand Archives from Keep in Mind Frankenstein
  • “Go Home” – Bad Veins from s/t debut
  • “Slow Doomsday” – Elvis Perkins in Dearland from The Doomsday EP
  • “Shine On” – Air Waves from Air Waves EP
  • “Wonder Who We Are” – The Clientele from Bonfires on the Heath
  • “Roman History” – Pet Lions from Soft Right EP
  • “Taxidermy” – White Lies from To Lose My Life 7″
  • “Last Dance”- The Raveonettes from In And Out of Control
  • “Colossus” – Lightning Bolt from Earthly Delights
  • “People Say” – Portugal. The Man from The Satanic Satanist
  • “Last Time” - Paper Route from Absense
  • “Vapours” - Islands from Vapours
  • “I Am The Universe” – Mellow Down Easy from Cosmisutra
  • “Nothing But Time” – Opus Orange, unreleased web debut
  • “Crying Lightning” – Arctic Monkeys from Humbug
  • “Everything With You” – Pains of Being Pure At Heart from s/t debut
  • “Gold And Warm” – Bad Veins from Bad Veins
  • “Drowning Men” – Fanfarlo from Reservior
  • “Tiny Little Robots” – Cage The Elephant from Cage The Elephant
  • “Vacationing People” – Foreign Born from Person To Person
  • “Die Young” – The Danks from Are You Afraid of The Danks
  • “Moth’s Wings” – Passion Pit from Manners
  • “Hi Fi Goon” – Throw Me The Statue from Creaturesque
  • “I Want You To Know” – Dinosaur Jr from Farm
  • “The Letter” – The Veils from Sun Gangs
  • “Best Supporting Actress” – One For The Team from Build A Garden
  • “Starry” – Throcke from Sometimes Not Unpointful,
  • “Now We Can See” – The Thermals from Now We Can See
  • “Dimmer” - Bishop Allen from Grrr…
  • “Things That I Like To Do” – Ben Kweller from Changing Horses
  • “Two” – The Antlers from Hospice
  • “I Want You to Keep Everything” – These United States from Everything Touches Everything
  • “Mirrored and Reversed” – White Demin from Fits
  • “The Rake Song” – The Decemberists from upcoming release The Hazards of Love
  • “Arcady” – Pete Doherty from Grace/Wastelands
  • “The Strangers” – St. Vincent from Actor
  • “Early Warnings” – Foreign Born from Person To Person
  • “Safety of a Back” – Trainwreck Riders from The Perch
  • “It Gets Your Body Moving” – Suckers from s/t debut
  • “Little Bit of Heaven” – Cheval Sombre from s/t debut
  • “Any Way The Wind Blows” – Green Pajamas from Poison in the Russian Room
  • “A Good Life” – Jill Sobule from California Years
  • “Lake” – New Ruins from We Make Our Own Bad Luck
  • “I Know What It’s Like” – Yonlu from A Society in Which No Tear is Shed…
  • “Please and Thank You” – Mouthful of Bees from s/t debut
  • “The Chosen One” – Raveonettes
  • “The Colloquialism Is Simply Gas” - I Love You from Bell Ord Forrest
  • “Brother Bird” – Franklin for Short from Swell
  • “Skyling Slip” – Naam from Kingdom EP
  • “Take It In” – Wye Oak from The Knot
  • “Safety of a Back – Trainwreck Riders from The Perch
  • “The Letter” – The Veils from Sun Gangs
  • “I Knew” – Lightning Dust from Infinite Light
  • “Big Bird In A Small Cage” – Patrick Watson from Wooden Arms
  • “This Blackest Purse” – Why? from _Eskimo Snow
  • “Percussion Gun” – Why? from Eskimo Snow
  • “Wake Up Call from the Nexus of Me and You” – Downtown/Union from Aurora Ahora
  • “Ashes Grammar/Ashes Math” – A Sunny Day in Glasgow from Ashes Grammar
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