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autumn, winter, tea, coffee, love, perfume, diamonds, shopping, pearls, music, boys, love letters, gifts, flowers, cupcakes, shoes, traveling, coco chanel, birds, fashion, stars, buttons, mittens, polaroids, cameras, joy, happiness, the beach, boots, whales, paris, london, waffles, cheesecake, sunshine, books, fairytale castles, lingerie, nature, rain, tights, hats, cardigans, kittens, braids, hea...

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  • “Empire” - Jukebox The Ghost from Everything Under The Sun
  • “Barricade” – Interpol from Interpol
  • “I Don’t Believe You” - The Thermals from Personal Life
  • “Soda” - Electric Sunset from Electric Sunset
  • “Moonlight” – Sunset from Loveshines But The Moon is Shining Too
  • “Like Like Like” – The Intelligence from Interpol
  • “Mirror, Mirror” - Unicycle Loves You from Unicycle Loves You
  • “The Skin Surf” - Tera Melos from Patagonian Rats
  • “White Light” - ARP from The Soft Wave
  • “Restoration” - The Acorn from No Ghost
  • “Another Time” – Fielded from Terrageist
  • “Jackie Come Lately” – The Young Heathens
  • “Quarters” – Truckasaurus from _Quarters+
  • “Noisemaker”- Two Hours Traffic from Territory
  • “Plastic Slides” - Winter Gloves from All Red
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