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  • castles: determined to hold themselves as highly as possible; would bring themselves down long before allowing somebody else to. strives for the most beautiful standard of living, wanting nothing more than to bring their dreams to reality. is happiest when everyone is joyful and safe, especially under their care.
  • museums: experiences life through dreamy eyes, and possesses a knack for attention to detail. becomes willingly lost in stories and history, living vicariously through all of the inspiration they absorb from these things. is a visual person, one who experiences their deepest emotions when enticed by a beautiful view.
  • dungeons: has a tendency to hide away their brighter sides, only showing them to those who they really feel they can trust. naturally withdrawn and secretive, but is no fool: is also highly imaginative, observant, and smart, but enjoys allowing these gifts to shine in privacy. can be nothing short of incredibly striking and impressive, once they open their hearts to you.
  • churches: has a deep desire for inner peace, striving each day to obtain strength through faith. is a contemplative person who easily becomes lost in their thoughts. appreciates unique beauty, and can’t help but take notice of it in everyday things and people. is an inviting person, possessing a warm glow that makes others feel comfortable and understood.
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