• Unemployment sucks.
  • They term "laid off" doesn't feel better than "unemployment".
  • I want a job.
  • Wait... I NEED a job.
  • Well, at least I get to go to school more...
  • Hmmphf.
dec 3 2008 ∞
dec 3 2008 +
  • despite the fact that I have to drive 75893405 billion miles to get around, the investment I made in a hybrid evens it out.
  • despite the fact that north side has really nothing to offer, we do have a few goldmines, i.e. potato patch.
  • despite the fact that traffic is horrendous, it gives me a few moments of peace.
  • despite the fact that Houston is notorious for awful drivers, generally, everyone is friendly on the road.
  • despite the sweltering humid weather, rolling down the windows and having the wind blow in your face is quite liberating (not to mention my face is turning a ripe pretty tan).
  • despite the fact that shortcuts are scary small middle of nowhere roads, taking the long way is more gratifying.
  • despite the fact I'm usually a lone drive...
jun 11 2007 ∞
jun 11 2007 +

Let me just say, this "generate a topic for me" is interesting.

  • Monica; because she lifts my spirits
  • Sanka; because he makes me laugh
  • Keith; because quiet is nice
  • Buntidy; because he's funny to watch
  • Devo; because he's genuine
  • Skeez; because he's chill
  • Jerome; because he knows good music
  • KT; because she's different
  • Lan; because she's been there the longest
  • Mai; because she randomly loves me
  • Annette; because she's beautiful inside out
  • Omar; because Brooklyn rocks
  • Positive; because he's... well... positive...
  • Semi; because I'll never lose hope
  • Katy; because she lifts Monica's spirits
  • Adam; because he cares
jun 8 2007 ∞
jun 8 2007 +
  • my sophmore year of high school, it was cool to wear these little clips in your hair that would hold rows of twisted hair that went from your hairline to about 3-4 inches back. I hated that trend.
  • recently, tights under skirts. I fucking hate that trend.
  • the end of middle school and the beginning of high school, everyone wore jnco's. I hated those damn jeans.
  • 5th-6th grade, you were cool if you owned a pair of airwalks. Well guess what folks... Airwalks are a Payless brand now. I hated those damn shoes.
  • maybe 4-5 years ago, you were cool if you had custom made Air Force 1's... They even made a song about those damn Air Forces. Louis Vuitton/Gucci on your shoes. Yea, now it's cool to have funky colored Dunks. I love the Dunks, but fuck those AF1's.
jun 20 2007 ∞
jun 20 2007 +
  • Although it's convenient, I will admit they have an awful fruit and vegetable selection...
  • Although their food is relatively cheap, their cokes are 5 bucks for a 12 pack?!
  • Although I can get my nails did and get my oil changed at the same time, sometimes the mechanics leave your window down when it's raining...
  • Although the nail salon has talented employees, if you go on a pay day, expect a wait and lack of attention.
  • Although one stop shopping is a great invention, sometimes Wal-Mart's restrooms don't work...
  • Although Wal-Mart is my first choice for almost everything, the weekend and wee hours at night are the only times I get a chance to scoot on over there... Which, of course, everyone and their mama comes on the weekend and 4:27 a.m.
jun 29 2007 ∞
jun 29 2007 +
jun 10 2007 ∞
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