• blue sky complex ☆ ichikawa kei
    • Two book-loving introverts spend a summer in the school library learning about how appearances aren't always what they seem.
      • A+ pacing, A+++++ R-18 scene is A++++ like damn that is a 4-5 pages worth waiting for the build-up is excellent lol and like totes realistic!? like YES honey yes be patience princesses do the do whenever you feel the timing (literally) is right like god good ass shit i live for this shit yo
  • koi nanka shitakunai ☆ story by tsukimura kei, art by itsuki kaname
    • High schooler Nakajima struggles with trying to uphold his newfound familial bliss, and keeping his emerging feelings for h...
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  • burn back at me ☆ la_dissonance
    • Five times Lan Wangji steals a kiss from Wei Wuxian, and one time Wei Wuxian kisses him back.
  • this river runs to you ☆ sundiscus
    • AU. In which Wei Wuxian is a curse worker secretly searching for a lost dragon, Lan Wangji is his new assistant, and the two things may not be entirely unrelated.
  • 爱不释手; never let me go ☆ yiqie
    • “It may be true that Wei qianbei was brought back to solve a case,” says Sizhui, “but I think he stayed for love.”
  • sex, science, and true love ☆ aubreyli
    • Everyone knows that dual cultivation is a myth that only works in porn. Wei Wuxian discovers differently.
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  • lend a hand ☆ anonymous
    • “What’s a bit of mutual masturbation among friends?”
  • howl boy ☆ idolkiller
    • "I especially liked the part where Kyungsoo realized, you know, we're like his pack—" Kyungsoo lifts his wand and Chanyeol's mouth snaps shut with a flinch.
  • professional amateurism ☆ pom_li
    • Jongdae accepts partial responsibility for planting ideas in Chanyeol’s easily excitable brain. The rest, he blames on Chanyeol’s standard lunacy.
  • el dorado ☆ natsudive
    • And then the air rushes back into his lungs and Kyungsoo can breathe again.
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  • office antics ☆ areum-daun
    • Twelve guys and one software startup.



  • the thin line between ☆ maayacola
    • Jongin’s always had people he likes best. Chanyeol’s pretty sure he’s never going to be one of those people.


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unorganized bc i don't like bangtan at all nope nope nuhuh

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