I've arrived.

Y'all best BELIEVE that this has been sorted in order of pairings now, ur welcome kids (it took me way too long hElP)

-- Dat good good stuff --


  • A Beast In Repose, Kai x D.O
    • Beauty and the beast themed kaisoo, where strangely Kyungsoo isn't the beast (you'd think with his satansoo side he would be) but its just really sweet and satisfying
      • A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. And by modern I mean no magic or curses or castles.
  • are you mine?, Kai x D.O
    • Kyungsoo is such an insecure, possessive ...
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sep 5 2019 +

OK so, ya girl is an idiot.

Over summer 2019 I managed to read through the first 43 pages of Kudos-ranked BTS fics on AO3. Just an FYI, didn't read all of em, only read the ones that interested me but its still a SCARY AMOUNT... to the point that it no longer fits on my other rec list.

So here I am, enjoy my children.


  • (summer, winter, springI'm falling for y..., V x Jimin
    • Tae is such a fluffy oblivious bean in this, and I am high-key Tae throughout this whole fic just because he's the #1 Jimin fan and hella gay
      • The school starts to take notice of Jimin. Taehyung has always noticed.
    • Got some cute Hoseok x Namjoon action going on in the background too
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[ EXO ]

  • Anything You Synthesise, Sehun/Kai, NC-17
    • Not all those who wander are lost. Some only know too well that their place is inside a three-by-eight, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping liquid crystal.
  • If You Go Chasing Rabbits, Kai/Sehun, E, AO3
    • Jongin keeps having strange dreams about one of his classmates.
  • Criminal Intentions, Xiumin/Chen, M, AO3
    • In a world where violence is rampant and blood is constantly spilled for the sake of survival, love is the most uncanny thing they can find in each other.
  • Splinters, Suho/Chen/Kai, E, AO3
    • Jongin remembers when this had terrified him, when the thought of anyone but Taemi...
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-----The Untamed-----

watched all 50 episodes in the equivalent of 4 days rlly fell off the deep end into this fandom

[ WangXian ]

  • Blink, E
    • Mo Xuanyu's family has set him up on a blind date with a rich young master after learning he is gay. However, he already has plans for that night. Instead of going on the date himself, Mo Xuanyu enlists Wei Wuxian to go as a substitute. Wei Wuxian must act like his best friend for the night before kindly turning down Mo Xuanyu's date. Only, Wei Wuxian finds out that turning down Mo Xuanyu's date is possibly the hardest thing he has had to do in a long time.
  • the noise of silence, T
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----- EXO -----

[ BaekChen ]

  • fried eggs & vertigo, T
    • Baekhyun falls, and then he falls again. And again. And again. And again.
      • i am a s l u t for the groundhog day trope u dont even understand i love love it sm and im also a slut for baekchen so everything works out also this is so good and lovely also astroblemish is such a good author im mad
  • anything hurts less, T
    • Baekhyun gets put on mandatory vocal rest. It does not turn out to be, however, as easy as it sounds.
      • adorable adorable adorable
  • I still see the light, G
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ok so bc ur my soulmate and u love me a lotto u need to read all these fab fics once ur done w the series - read in whatever order u want to but like u gotta tell me when ur done w each so i can weep

Ok so I might do lil comments on the fics I've read in this fancy italics thing ooooh because they're all so good and I want to remember which ones I read (which is why the ugly tick thing exists, lemme know if you find it too ugly btw) and i look forward to procrastinating my existence with these recs - Yasie

these first few are from the legendary aftg author @crazy_like_a literally theyre a godsend

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asdasnd i had to make a separate list bc i hit a character limit??? thats a thing?? and i managed it which lmao

-----9 Percent-----

[ Zhengkun ]

ok so haha ive become a major zhengkun slut bc zikun is dead and disrespectful so make way for my new superior ship

  • counting flower petals all day long, G
    • Xukun’s laugh startles him. A bright, easy sound. His eyes spark, all warmth, now, slow and clear and open. “Hey,” Xukun says. “Don’t think too hard about it. I picked you for my team because I wanted you to be there.”
        • my secret guilty pleasure ship
  • leaving nothing behind, Ziyi/Xukun, G
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-----Super Junior-----

[ Eunhae ]

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wow the alliteration in that title this is just gna have all the shit i dont know where to put

-----[ TGCF ]-----

  • Such selfish prayers, M
    • He keeps his gaze fixed on the pale skin. “Gege, I would really like to kiss you.” “San Lang, haven’t you been kissing me?” Hua Cheng looks up, ready to protest, and only sees teasing in Xie Lian’s eyes. “Gege makes fun of me.” Xie Lian’s smile widens a bit, something shy within it. “Where San Lang’s hands are allowed, his lips are too.”
  • Take Me by the Waist to the Water, T
    • "Ge ge, want to get married?" "... Aren't we already married? Instead of freezing, Xie Lian teases back. It Kills The Man
  • A Life in Your Shape, T
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What better way of getting into the halloween spirit other than by reading spooky horror fics mmmMm

[ EXO ]

  • Monochrome Wasteland, Kyungsoo/Kai, E
    • Kyungsoo dreams in shades of black and white. Jongin is that splash of colour.
        • my head and heart hurt
  • won't you stay with me, Baek/Kai/Sehun, NC-17
    • sehun wakes up with his boyfriends, baekhyun and jongin by his side. sehun wakes up without them. sehun wakes up alone. sehun sleeps alone.
      • wtfffff
  • What Makes A Monster?, Kai/Sehun, M
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