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  • the new Rihanna CD (specifically S&M and Cheers (Drink to that))
  • the cunts' appreciation of my Elizabeth "Cassie" Mansfield impressions/my continued practice towards perfecting them
  • my checking account, which is currently $500+ and the realization that I can and will spend at least $250 of it tomorrow on unnecessary articles of clothing in my attempt to be an American consumer/stimulate the economy
  • the way my sociological theory professor continually insults the United States/GOP/conservative ideology
  • realizing I/John Long/Tammy Cho/misc. others are more intelligent than my cultural foundations professor (this is somewhat vexed given that it is beyond painful during the actual class, but provides for some sense of satisfaction once it is over and I have vented an appropriate amount to other superior forms, usually Ben Murray)
  • my current eating habits/the possibility and optimism of getting into some sort of shape before 2012 (most likely the most temporary)
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