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now let's talk a bit about me.

  • my name's irene, but you can call me momoka or iriney.
  • i'm 16 yrs old
  • i speak spanish (native, spain) and english (learning, brittish)
  • i used to study french in my first year of high school, and the only thing i can say now is "je ne parle pas français"
  • my birthday is 14th Oct
  • i'm INFP-T, this means i'm really shy, so sorry if sometimes i don't reply or i just reply with an emoji, is just i don't know how should i reply :')
  • i'm libra with moon in aquarius and ascendant capricorn
  • i usually talk too much about things i like.
  • i tend to say sorry so much if I don't have enough confidence with the ppl i'm talking to.
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what the title says, lol. i'll separate them from where they belong.


  • Kotori Minami
  • Nozomi Toujou


  • Ruby Kurosawa
  • You Watanabe

FE (only fates/sacred stones by now. will update when i finish the blazing sword)

  • Takumi
  • Elise
  • Nyx
  • Kaze
  • Eirika / Ephraim
  • Neimi


  • Eve Wakamiya
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hello! welcome to my acc!

i'm not very active here, but i'll try to submit at least one drawing per month.

i recommend you to read the other lists to get to know about me if you are interested! (bc here's nothing interesting lol)

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okay, these are the fandoms i'm into, the first ones are the which i'm more active, the others are just there, lol.

  • Love Live. (LL)
  • Ikemen Series. (Ikerev, Ikesen and MidCin)
  • Fire Emblem. (FE)
  • BanG! Dream. (Bandori)
  • Danganronpa. (DR)
  • Ensemble Stars. (Enstars)

and nothing more i think...? will update if i remember more.

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apr 23 2019 +

yes yes, i won't harass you if you are in these fandoms but you should know i don't really care about them anymore.

  • Hetalia (APH)

i didn't feel comfortable there anymore, althought i still follow some people who are on it, is just bc i like their content aside from hetalia/the admins.

  • Pokémon.

it's my childhood and i even have trainers OCs buuut, how Game Freak had managed the last two games really bothered me and i don't have interest on it or PokéSpe anymore.

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these are things i DON'T want to see in my followers, so please, don't follow if you support or do these things:

  • you harass people because they have a different opinion.
  • you're sexist/fascist/intolerant.
  • if you have something against my friends.
  • use mental illness as an insult/adjective.
  • you make jokes that humiliate people of any kind. (women, lgbt, colored skin,...)
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tell me if i forgot about you or something (i'll put their public accs, in case they don't have one i'll just put their names or/and nicknames)

  • @littlecosoo / Ait
  • @heron_iles / Angie
  • @seachannels / Mar
  • @maryflowerbeas / Gloria
  • Claudia
  • Mónica / Nica

(real life ppl starts here)

  • Rocío
  • Ainhoa
  • Joaquín
  • and some more ppl that they know who they are.
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in case you want to friend me in any game!


  • JAP: 040585131 (no accepting friend request)
  • ENG: -


  • 53385403


  • momoka (shanna as leader): 0486069443
  • iriney (- as leader): -


  • 620106588


  • 301805722
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