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I figured I'd join this listography to make lists. Since I love making lists in blogs. So why not join a blog that lists. Lists anything and everything about what I want to list. So, LISTen.

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I must find ways to earn more money. I'm not satisfied with what I'm earning at the present. People say it's because I'm a fresh grad and it's my first job so suck it up. But still.. I WANT MORE! Wahahaha

  • Take up photography, buy new lens and do it for a part time job?
  • Coach football with little boys in Nuvali every weekend? It will keep you in shape and closer to the love of your life - football.
  • Be a bartender in Ponti or something like that? It's really near your condo so you can party and at the same time earn. (HAHAHA laughter in my head while writing that sentence.)
  • Do part time as a programmer? Since that's what you're learning now in Informatics.
  • Market for the business to earn commission?
  • Join fun runs and win it? ASA. Scrap that.

It's just that I'm so frustrated whenever I compare the money in my atm with others. Okay fine.. I'm so envious okay. Gosh.. I need to change what I think. I'm too impatient. Darn it. Suck it up Mon.

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