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I figured I'd join this listography to make lists. Since I love making lists in blogs. So why not join a blog that lists. Lists anything and everything about what I want to list. So, LISTen.

Q museums (Visited in the Netherlands)
music (CD collection)
books (2021)
study year (Books in the room)
study year ( Items picked up from discarded items of previous building tenants)

Surprisingly, I haven't gained since I've stopped playing soccer. A gift sent from above. But still.. I'm pretty cautious of what I eat and the amount of food that I eat. I found effective ways on how I can maintain my God-given-weight.

  • No merienda. I have a family that constantly need to munch on something after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, twice before dinner, then after dinner. I found a way on how to reject every merienda they offer to me, no matter how painful it is to say no.
  • After 6 diet. What's that after 6 diet? The one that you eat before 6? Is that how it is? Well in that case, I guess it's working because I would always eat dinner before 6 because I get so tired after work.
  • Don't treat breakfast like a lunch/dinner. Must be really minimal serving.
  • Sometimes treat lunch as a breakfast. Also minimal serving.
  • Never order extra rice. One cup only please.
  • Only award yourself to pig out once a week.

To summarize everything said above, it's all about: SELF-CONTROL. Period.

PS. Must give time to exercise.

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