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I figured I'd join this listography to make lists. Since I love making lists in blogs. So why not join a blog that lists. Lists anything and everything about what I want to list. So, LISTen.

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Q actions (Things to look forward to after I submit my thesis)
films (Mindful entertainment)
books (2022)
  • Learn and perfect how to wake board, since the wake park just opened in Nuvali (which is sooo freakin near my house).
  • Scrapbook - My creative outlet. I have this collection of concert tickets that I have been to. I've been planning to put it in like an album or a scrapbook with pictures and stories about it.
  • I've been reading the book, Bourne Legacy for like the whole summer, up to now. Oh God it's July na and I'm not yet done. Hahaha shet this. I need to finish it before the movie's out. It's my first time to really read an action-packed book. Sometimes I would skip reading the paragraphs that involve gun shooting, chasing, killing and such. So not used to this. Next book I'll buy will be cheesy and kilig-ish I promise.
  • I wanna join a dance class. Some place to release my booty shaking 'talent' that I think I have. I admit, I used to be a cheerdancer back in high school, so I guess I know a thing or two about moving my feet and shaking my hips.
  • Experiment with my SLR and learn more tips and tricks on photography.
  • Exercise everyday, when laziness and fatigue is not in the way.
  • Blog everyday, even if it's only thru my itouch or tumblr or here.
  • Hear mass. (naks)
  • Discover a new hobby.
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