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I figured I'd join this listography to make lists. Since I love making lists in blogs. So why not join a blog that lists. Lists anything and everything about what I want to list. So, LISTen.

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  • Unigames '10 - It was held at Iloilo City, a football province, where most of the spectators were cheering for UP. It was such a different experience. We won all games except for semis vs really good teams like ust, ateneo and other provincial colleges.
  • Uaap '08 v Dlsu - the first and the most glorious thru pass that I have ever made that passed the opponents' midfield and defense. Too bad it wasn't converted into a goal.
  • Uaap '09 - My first Uaap goal against FEU! I just kept running even if the strikers stopped and the keeper made an error and I kicked it to the goal with one touch!
  • Uaap '11 - after my teammate made a free kick, it was deflected by the D and went to me.. I made a comfortable thru pass to Hope.
  • All my glorious thru passes.
  • Lucky goals.
  • Team victories.

I miss playing so much. :(

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