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I figured I'd join this listography to make lists. Since I love making lists in blogs. So why not join a blog that lists. Lists anything and everything about what I want to list. So, LISTen.

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  • iTouch - My iPod's dead. :(
  • More office pants - Brown. Black. Black and white stripes. Beige. Gray. I need all kinds of slacks! I think I can buy them in Bench.
  • Earphones - Better earphones, Skull Candy preferably. Or Beats, if you want to dream big.
  • Branded Bag - Maybe a Long Champ. Or any bag for my everyday life.
  • Blazer - A good jacket for office.
  • Forever 21

That's all for now.. I'll add more soon. iTouch is my ultimate dream gadget to be bought and saved by my own money. Hehe

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